Ethics and our Trade policy

Our Responsibility in Trading Ethically

We’re aware that still to this day there remains human right challenges in the garment industry not just in other far away countries but locally too. 

Here at Easy Tiger we’re aware that we have a responsibility and understanding that the choices we make can impact people's lives, it’s down to us to make sure that that impact is a positive one. Easy Tigers designs come with the message of Love and Positivity, that then needs to be reflected in how we make our decisions when dealing with suppliers. 

When selecting suppliers, we work with small teams. Our main suppliers are a family run business. We ensure that our suppliers have been audited by one of the large auditing bodies that exist, in our case they have chosen SMETA. 

When making Decisions on our next journey or on growth we always factor in the ethnicity and sustainability of our choices.

What do we do to ensure our standards are met?

Easy Tiger Factory Assessment:

Visit our supplier's location and inspect the site personally.

Due to the pandemic this has not been possible this year.

Ensure that our suppliers are audited with up to date reports with recogonized auditing bodies from independent organisations. 

Ensure that if any compliance issues are flagged what has been actioned to amend the issues.

Ensure our suppliers operate within the regulations of REACH chemical compliance, the safety of the workers are not jeopardised and that the workers are safe and operate in hygienic conditions.

Ensure measures have been taken to reduce the spread of COVID.

Ensure our suppliers comply with local laws and regulations.

Ensure that our workers are paid above the legal minimum wage and are paid a living wage.

Ensure that our suppliers reach the ETI Base Code as a bare minimum.

Ensure our suppliers not only meet the minimum requirements but we enquire what they do that goes beyond to ensure their workers have a positive environment to work in. Such as providing free meals and free transport to its workers. 

Ensure all Employment is freely chosen

Ensure child labour shall not be used.

Ensure working hours are not excessive.

Ensure No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

Ensure Regular employment is provided

Ensure No discrimination is practiced

Regular meetings with our suppliers, business leaders and owners and ensure key messages are translated.

Being a small business gives us the fluidity to make changes quickly and stay true to our key values. Here at Easy Tiger we choose to work with suppliers that match our values. People first.