About us

The team

Behind the ideas and designs of Easy Tiger are Tiger and Basil, we run the business together. Other then all the amazing people who make the clothes and the people who have worked with us on shoots along this journey.

We're currently looking for new team members, if you feel like you have something to give please get in touch! 

When things get extra busy for us, we look to have people that help us with sending out our orders but due to the pandemic we have been sending out everything ourselves.


 A little bit about Easy Tiger

We started the idea of Easy Tiger 4 Years ago in 2016 on a car journey and it's been an amazing journey that we have shared with you all along the way!

We felt a lack of colourful clothing out there in the market for people and us to be able to express ourselves the way we wanted to and wanted to be different, offer something unique that would inspire us and be able to share that with everyone. 


About our clothes and our commitment to the environment

All our sequined clothes are hand made by a small team in Thailand, we use high quality durable fabric and PET sequins. We want our clothes to last and will always choose quality over quantity. We want our customers to be able to wear our clothes over and over again and not just be a part of the fast fashion cycle. 

We are aware that we have a carbon footprint to get the items over to the UK so we're committed to off setting that and have pledged to Donate £1.50 per order to a tree planting charity in the US. So far with your help, we have raised over £1400 and counting towards charities that aid tree planting around the world. 

Our items are always sent out to you in Recyclable cardboard boxes and if they are wrapped in a bag, that bag is compostable and will eventually decompose

We're always looking for ways to have a positive impact as we all have that responsibility. If you have any ideas or wish to work with us on how we can make a greater change please reach out to us. 


New developments..

This year we're taking it a step further and will be launching a collection that is handmade in the UK using UK Labour and Recycled fabrics for this new collection.  

We hope this helps open new doors and that we can continue to have a positive impact on the future.